Here’s Why You Need an Emergency Dentist

Here’s Why You Need an Emergency Dentist

Aug 01, 2020

Imagine finding yourself in a dental situation that requires immediate attention. These situations can arise from accidents, fights, and infections. In case you are experiencing extreme pain and can not wait to visit a regular dentist, you need to have an emergency dentist you can consult.

Why Is Emergency Dentistry So Vital?

In case you are involved in an accident or suffered a tooth injury while participating in a contact activity, the injury might permanently affect your dental health. If you do not visit an emergency dentist Columbia, you risk permanent tooth loss. Losing your tooth impacts on your appearance as well as affect your oral hygiene practices.

Dentists recommend you seek to receive emergency dental care near you immediately. Once you seek immediate treatment, you will prevent the chances of dental problems that will be complex and costly.

Emergency Dentistry Services Are For More Than Tooth Loss

The bigger population assumes that dentists offer emergency dental services for tooth loss only. However, tooth loss is not the only situation. Other cases qualify to be dental emergencies. These cases include:

Unexplained Tooth Aches

Persistent, severe, and unexplained toothaches can be as a result of gum disease or infection. In case the pain is just minor, you can resolve to a home-based solution. If the pain does not subside, you should call an emergency dentist near you right away.

In some cases, you might have an abscessed tooth. You can feel around your gum for any bump that might be causing you pain. Other signs you should watch include:

  • Fever
  • Swelling on your mouth and face
  • Tooth sensitivity

If you have any of these vital signs even at night, visit a dentist in your area immediately.

Your Gums Are Severely Bleeding

It is normal to experience bleeding on your gums a little after flossing and or when diagnosed with gum disease. However, if the bleeding is severe, you should visit an orthodontist right away.

Swollen Mouth or Jaw

A number of things can lead to a swollen jaw. It can be caused by:

  • An infection
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Gum disease
  • In extremely rare cases, it can be as a result of cancer

Visit an emergency dental clinic, since it is hard for you to know the causes of swelling. An urgent dentist near you will diagnose you and recommend a treatment plan for you.

If Your Mouth Tastes Like Pennies

A taste of metal in your mouth is a sign of a loose crown or filling. A loose crown or filling can expose your mouth to infections and cavities. If you do not seek immediate dental care, you will risk the need for a root canal to fix the problem. Visit the best dentist in Columbia, MO, for treatment.

How You Should Proceed If You Have A Dental Emergency

If your tooth is broken, aching, abscessed, bleeding, or any of the above cases, you have a legitimate dental emergency. You should book an appointment immediately with your dentist. Call your dentist first before trying any DIY approach.

As you wait to go for your appointment, you can try some home remedies to reduce pain and discomfort.

When your tooth is broken or fallen out, ensure that you find it. Wash the tooth and store it in milk or saliva if you can not place it on the original site. Do not wash away any tissue attached to the root of your fallen out tooth. Also, ensure your appointment is within an hour after the accident to increase the chances of saving your tooth.

If you have an abscessed tooth or gums, gurgle with clove oil to reduce the burning sensation. In case of swelling and toothache, place a cold compress on the face over the site of pain.

When you have bleeding gums, rinse your mouth with warm salty water. The salty water prevents infections on the exposed tissue. A cold compress can also help to slow down the bleeding.

Emergency Dentistry Near Me

Are you a resident of Columbia, MO? Do you need reliable emergency dental care? At All American Dental, our oral health professionals are here for you in case you need immediate assistance. You can book an appointment with us and get the treatment you need.

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