Emergency Dentistry in Columbia, MO

Do you accept emergency patients?

Absolutely! When you find yourself or a loved one in a dental emergency situation, you do not want to be searching for an emergency dentist near you. Please contact our office, if you have a dental emergency. We realize that not all emergencies occur during our regular office hours. Should you have a true dental emergency after hours, Dr. Stapleton, Dr. Wietholder or Dr. Schilke can still be reached by using our regular office phone number.

Some common dental emergencies include toothache, abscess (swelling), broken tooth, dental trauma, and avulsed (lost) tooth. Dental pain is very uncomfortable, and dental infections can be very serious as bacteria can travel to other parts of your body. Seeking care as soon as possible is very important. In the case of a lost permanent tooth (one that has come out of the mouth), you should rinse the tooth and attempt to place it back into the socket then see our dentists as soon as possible. The other alternative is to put the tooth into a cup of milk or salt water and bring it with you to our emergency dental clinic as soon as possible. Lost teeth can be placed back into the mouth within a certain amount of time if the conditions are right.

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