General Dentistry in Columbia, MO

Should you require dental treatment, don’t worry. We have many years of experience in treating a wide variety of dental needs at general dentistry, Columbia.

We fix smaller cavities with white “composite” fillings. These fillings bond to the teeth and blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

There are several advantages to using composites:

  • The strength of the bond makes the tooth structure stronger.
  • The composite material closely matches the original tooth structure to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Composite fillings can be repaired easily.

Should a cavity be too large for a regular filling, a crown may be recommended. A crown is sometimes referenced as a “cap.” It is made of porcelain or ceramic and designed to match the natural color of your teeth. A crown protects the tooth by more favorably distributing chewing forces, which can crack or fracture teeth over time.

Sometimes a cavity can reach the nerve inside of the tooth. If this occurs, a root canal will be necessary. A root canal is when Dr. Stapleton, Dr. Wietholder or Dr. Schilke will remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth, clean it out, and disinfect the canals. Once the area is ready, they will fill it with a rubber-like material and top the tooth with a crown.

Also, if a tooth is missing, a bridge or implant may be a great way to replace it by using the teeth on either side to support a fake tooth where the tooth is missing. We can provide all of these general dental services at All American Dental.

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